Quality control

Quality Is Our Life

We have 3 product line of fiberglass mesh filter and 3 product line of ceramic filter.

The facility include:
-Fiberglass mesh shaft loom weaving machine
-Fiberglass automatic impregnation machine
-Smokeless carbonization furnace
-Patented fiberglass mesh automatic cutting machine
-Laser cutting machine for Polyester sponge
-Microwave drying oven
-Vacuum molecular sieve mixing machine
-Automatic control temperature shuttle kiln

We also focus on inspection on raw materials, in process and final products.
-Glass fiber strength tensile testing machine
-Ceramic strength testing machine
-Electric furnace for simulation pouring
-Bulk density detector

At the same time, we input more than 5% annual sales income on new product development to ensure that the products constantly updated. Each product development are from quality planning from the very beginning through product design, material experiment, product test, product improvement, customer approval after multiple link for the end use market.